Once we get this figured out, I'll put up details for our gift registries. Darn Walmart getting rid of theirs.

Ok, we're sorted out now, and we've decided to go with The Bay. Just go *HERE* and type either of our names, and all the details will come up. Of courses gifts are completely optional, but appreciated. We are happy to share our special day with the people close to us.

Now it is just for The Bay stores, but things can be purchased online. I also checked with HBC, and any registry items that are purchased at Zellers stores will be counted.

However, since Zellers isn't connected directly to the registry system, you will need to contact The Bay's gift registry department and ask them to update it for you - which they will do!
They will likely need the registry number (08133076) and details on which item/quantity.
To contact them: email or phone 1-877-408-1510.