Photos - Official



These are the official photos from our wonderful photographer Allison. Click each image to see a larger version. Yes, there are a lot of photos, but they are well worth it.

The church signs. We've arrived - just in time! Now just taking a moment to breathe and get ready to start.

I hope Aaron is ready to catch Matt - he's looking a little pale. And here we come! Brandon escorting Grandma, and Ben escorting Mom. Next is Laura, Tanya, and Sabrina.

I think that's a happy smile, and cry. Then is me and Dad coming up the aisle, and meeting the guys at the front.

Us with Colin, listening to the ceremony and reciting our votes.

Exchanging our rings, a few more words... and we're married!

Time to sign the registry and license. We all had a laugh when Sabrina almost didn't sign the license, oops.

It's official! Off we go, followed by Sabrina and Ben, Tanya and Brandon, and Laura and Aaron. Another oops - I forgot to take my bouquet back from Sabrina, poor girl was having to balance both and not trip over her dress.

The receiving line: Matt & Uncle Spyros, Me and Sabrina with Randy.

Pics on the staircase in the church foyer, and some out in front of the church - yes it was a very sunny day.

Off to Mohawk Park! First stop - the lookout deck for family photos.

Us with Matt's grandparents.

Us with my parents.

Us with both families, and the entire wedding party.

Some pretty ones of us.

Naughty Allison - taking pics of us crawling down to the lake. But we have some lovely ones of us with our party. And there's even some Canadian geese out on the lake.

Heading back up the path now - I really like all of these ones.

Hanging out on the deck, and goofing around in the playground. While the girls were on the swings the guys had to hold our flowers so they didn't get sandy - which led to a fun photo.

Really pretty pics.

Our party trying to pick us up.... and nearly dropping Matt. Girls 1, Boys 0.

More really neat ones. We had to wait for the water spout to go off again before we could get the photo.

Just relaxing together - more of my favourites.

Our rings on my flowers. Singles of each of us.

We got a minute with the gazebo! When we first got to the park, there was a wedding about to take place in the gazebo. But after we were finished with our other photos, we noticed they were folding up chairs and taking down decorations - and the crew let us get a few photos.

Back to the church for our reception. Some photos of the tables, decorations, and cake.

Grand entrance! Laura and Aaron, Tanya and Brandon, Sabrina and Ben, and here we come! All of us at the head table - lovely pic.

Aaron as emcee. Our pretty car sign on our pretty car.