Took us a while, but we finally decided on Ottawa! It was a nice trip, 3 days 2 nights.

We stayed at the Best Western, and toured around the city: Parliment, RCMP Stables, Museum of Civilization, Royal Mint. And Matt has now officially been in Quebec. We missed the tours for Parliment, but got to see a little bit still.

Our awesome Best Western room, complete with a really sweet bottle of wine from the staff. Random pamphlets for various sites, and me combing my hair before we set out for the day.

Random beaver we saw on the boulevard. Just down the road was a whole bunch more. Our nation's symbol in our nation's captial. A neat view of Parliment and the Peace Tower. Neat random Canada buildling, on the Quebec side.

The Museum of Civilization. Matt has now officially been in Quebec. A view underneath a waterfall. Cute wildlife and views of the Art Gallery across the river, from the museum cafeteria.

Neat cathedral. Spider sculpture in front of the Art Gallery.

RCMP Stables! A room full of history. The indoor training ring. Name plates of the horses. Horses! A pic of me with Dawn - a horse I met on my last trip, it was good to see her again. Finishing with seeing a training class tacking up and heading off.

A nice look out spot. A view of two rivers in the area. Mostly a view of Quebec, including a very tall fountain.

24 Sussex Dr. Parliment and the Peace Tower. The Memorial Chamber inside Parliment, at the bottom of the Peace Tower - which unfortunately was closed that day, and there were no spots left on any English tours.

After Parliment we visited the Royal Mint, but no pics allowed. Then we walked over to the Mall, passing City Hall and a lovely park on the way. Also a random passing hotair balloon.

We finished the day with a lovely dinner at Maxwell's Bistro. Lovely restaurant.

The RCMP horses going out for training class, and heading down the road. A whole ton of Ottawa city buses.