20-September-2009 Got a link to our first set of pics up (see Photos page).

18-September-2009 Back from Ottawa - trip was great. Details and pics coming soon.

12-September-2009 OMG Today's the day! Everything went amazingly perfect. Thank you to everyone that made it special. WE'RE MARRIED!

11-September-2009 Wow, it's tomorrow already! Everyone and all clothing is accounted for (girls and guys). The rehearsal went well, despite getting sidetracked in points. The hall looks amazing!

8-September-2009 Last minute details are coming together, and the weather is still looking good! Forecast: yay! 22*C with cloudy periods. Only 20% POP.

7-September-2009 The table cards are done! And quite pretty looking - better than I figured when I designed them.
Forecast: yay! 23*C and mostly sunny. Only 20% POP.

6-September-2009 Forecast: still boo, 22*C and rainy, 40% POP.

5-September-2009 1 WEEK!!! Cake is finalized, programs are started, and placecards are done! Just have to put the table pieces together. And thanks to our wonderful noisy neighbours, we have a videographer!
Forecast: boo again, 21*C and rainy.

4-September-2009 Forecast: 22*C, mostly cloudy with some fun.

3-September-2009 Boo. Current forecast: 22*C and rainy!!! Yay for single digit countdown - 9 days.

2-September-2009 Last meeting is done - everything is now finalized with our DJ. Yay!
Forecast: 21*C, sunny/cloudy - very nice.

1-September-2009 Met with our decorator today - only one meeting left to go. Everything is going to look so beautiful.
Forecast: 22*C, sunny/cloudy

31-August-2009 Our cake topper arrived! It's absolutely perfect.

30-August-2009 Special thanks to Mom and Sabrina for the lovely bridal shower they arranged - they did a great job. It was great to see everyone there!

29-August-2009 2 Weeks!! And we've finally got a long range weather forecast. Currently: 19*C, sunny/cloudy. Not bad, but I wouldn't mind a bit warmer.

27-August-2009 Yay, got our first (of two) boxes of our favours. They look so great - and taste pretty good too.

26-August-2009 Woot, picked up the last odds and ends needed (guestbook, thank you cards, car decorations). I think we've got everything - just need to assemble the placecards.

22-August-2009 3 WEEKS!

21-August-2009 Yay - my girls' dresses are in. Yes!

19-August-2009 I have my dress!!! And all is good to go with our lovely caterer.

15-August-2009 4 weeks to go! After visiting a third Walmart, and a trip to Michaels, we now have everything for our centrepieces - just assemble and add water. Plus the cameras for the tables.

13-August-2009 Church floor plans are complete. Now we know where we are sitting. And got our nail/makeup booked with Euphoric Bliss.

12-August-2009 I month to go! Official count: 69 attending (64 staying for reception), 42 no (including 11 never heard from).

5-August-2009 Met with Allison, our photographer. Everything is good to go on that front.

4-August-2009 Got a bit more for our centrepieces - only missing 1 base now (Walmart - why can't you stalk more than 4? Grr). And got our hair appointment booked at Scissor Over Comb.

3-August-2009 We've got our centrepieces decided. Now just to finish getting and making everything.

2-August-2009 Woot, finally got my butt in gear and finished the flowers! Now there is 6 more boutonnieres and 2 corsages on my table.

1-August-2009 Congrats to Laura and David on your beautiful wedding!
And ours is exactly 6 weeks away!!!

31-July-2009 Last day for RSVPs. And the final count currently sits at: 58 yes (plus 10 for us and our wonderful party), 1 maybe, and 44 no (including 15 that never responded).

22-July-2009 Interestingly random day. We picked up our picture from the Expositor, and met with Colin to discuss the ceremony. Then... we ended up at City Hall and got our marriage license. COOL!
RSVP count: 42 yes, 15 no, and 30 still to hear from.

18-July-2009 The Buck & Doe went awesomely! Thanks to everyone that came out, it was great to see you and have some fun, and yummy food. And a special thanks to everyone that helped support us.

12-July-2009 2 MONTHS! Time to start getting all the small details finished.
RSVP count: 39 yes, 15 no, and 30 still to hear from.

11-July-2009 1 week to the Buck & Doe! Everyone is invited, just email/call for details! And check out your Saturday Expositor in the annoucements section!

8-July-2009 Dress is fitted! Well, still has some alterations to go, but it's officially mine!

28-June-2009 I found out that the site and email have been giving problems. I'm sorry to everyone. I've tried to make some parts easier to see that your info has gone through. I'd really appreciate it if everyone could check theirs (or contact us to check).
RSVP count: 38 yes, 11 no, and 45 still to hear from.
And in other news - my dress is in!!! (1.5 months earlier than estimated). Now to book my fitting.

24-June-2009 RSVP count: 29 yes, 9 no, and 56 still to hear from. Come on friends and family, a quick phone call is not hard.

18-June-2009 Buck & Doe is in the planning stages, details are on the Event Details page.
Other good news is my friend is able to do the favours I wanted, and I've figured out my seating arrangement placecards.
RSVP count: 21 yes, 8 no, and 65 still to hear from.

16-June-2009 RSVPs are slowly coming in (thanks everyone). Current count: 20 yes, 4 no, and 70 still to hear from.
Also I've added pics of our invites to the photos so everyone can see our creations.

12-June-2009 Three months! Better check what I still need to get done.

3-June-2009 Yes! Finally, all invites are done and in the mail! A lot of work, but they are just what we wanted.

27-May-2009 Birthdays are all done now - thanks everyone for the good wishes. I think we've had enough cake to last us until next year!
Invitations are still a work in progress, definitely takes a while to get them all cut-out.

13-May-2009 Fun full day out. We have our The Bay registry all set up (still wish Walmart still had theirs), and went gift shopping. Also picked up my garter, and the final stuff I need for flowers (unless we need anything for decorations).

12-May-2009 4 months!

9-May-2009 What could be more fun then attempting to make your closest friends dress up in crazy looking dresses?
But we did have fun! And the girls will look pretty in their Alfred Angelo dresses (style #6553, in Glass Green with Pool accent).

22-April-2009 Random unplanned event - but we got our rings today! That's what happens when you take a different route, and see a "Wedding Band Sale" sign.

21-April-2009 Yay for our invites! Got to pick up the bases of them - now for designing, printing, and assembling.

19-April-2009 What's funnier than seeing a bunch of guys in tuxes with funny looks on their faces? Not much! But regardless, they looked pretty good.

15-April-2009 Who wants cake? Good! Because there's going to be enough for everyone. We have officially booked our cake with Home Baking by Carolyn - yummy! And you get supper too, because we confirmed our caterer.

13-April-2009 We now have a registry at The Bay. Details are on the Registries page.

12-April-2009 5 months!

8-April-2009 Woot! Last bunch of flowers I need. Now to start arranging some bouquets. Yipee!
And our wedding party is finalized, this is getting so exciting!

7-April-2009 More flowers.... one more trip and *hopefully* that will be all I need. Why can't 1 Walmart have all I need/like at once. Hate having to go to both.

4-April-2009 I Got My Dress!!! Well, ok, it's picked out... won't arrive til mid-August, but still!!!!!!!!! If anyone's curious, it's Cassidy Sarah style C900 (under the Richman Group).
Oh, also picked up my ribbon and bouquet collars/holders.

1-April-2009 That's it, no wedding. Haha, April Fool's.
Seriously though, we now have the rest of our invitation stationary! Yay, once the main part of it is ready to be picked up (later this month), we can start putting them together.
Also picked up some more of my flowers.

25-March-2009 We picked out our invitation paper/pattern today! Just need to find the paper we want to use for the middle. Yipee!

24-March-2009 I've got the first 2 sprigs of my flowers. It's a start - see it, need it, get it before it's gone.

Earlier So far we've got our date, location, colours, decorator, DJ, photographer, and pastor. Wow!
How do you convince a bunny to hop in a straight line, down the aisle, and not eat anything?