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Welcome to the National Wheelchair Basketball League

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Target Audience

The target audience of this site would be many different people. The first is those involved in the league - players, coachers, founders, friends/family of players, and so on. Second is those wanting to become involved - either through work/volunteer, or as players. And lastly, those looking for general information on the sport or league itself.

Design Considerations

The main design considerations all stemmed from this site being WAI compliant. First, the colours are kept to a minimum, and contrast well. (See greyscale sample.) Links are placed at the top and bottom of each page, for easy navigation, and are placed side-by-side to follow with traditional left-to-right reading. Link colours have been left to their defaults, to make them easily recognizable. Tables listing information have horizontal borders to distinguish between rows. Most colour styles are done through an external CSS, and the site can still be viewed with the styles turned off. The main table for each page is aligned to the left to avoid confusion and side scrolling. There is a basic graphic on the right side to fill in empty space.

Related Sites

  1. Canadian Wheelchair Basketball Associations (CWBA)
  2. International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF)
  3. National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA)


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