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Hi, I'm Savannah Sage. I'm in charge of the newspaper. Below are all of our archives of past news. Enjoy!

November 8, 2008: Remind me I need to update more LOL! I have updated the Trading Post again, working on Stables. I have also been doing a bunch of work on Kimono's Cave - there is still a lot more to go, but it's coming!

March 19, 2008: Minor trading post/stables update. Also re-worked the Trading Post to separate the wish lists into separate pages for each gen = less scrolling.

March 4, 2008: Up to 423 ponies!!! Wowee. And I finally got my Baby Cuddles with her baby buggy. *glee*

January 25, 2008: Woot - first update of 2008! More of the usual - Stables/Trading Post. 415 now. Wow - how did that happen?

December 16, 2007: Finally got an update done on Stables/Trading Post - lots of new ponies. Wow - up to 406 now. *faints*

October 27, 2007: Finally got some work done in the Wishing Well. Pics are up in the Meadow and Pony Park. Curious? You'll have to check them out for yourself.

October 21, 2007: More updated to the Stables/Trading Post - yay for more ponies!

September 24, 2007: More done on the Trading Post and Stables. Doing more work on Kimono's Cave - it's hard to see, but it's there. Those pictures take a while!

September 17, 2007: Did some more work on the Wishing Well. Still a fair bit to go, but it's coming.

September 16, 2007: Updated the Stables and Trading Post.

September 3, 2007: Updated the Stables and Trading Post. Still working on a design for the Newspaper archives.

August 31, 2007: Updated the Stables and Trading Post. Started the Newspaper.

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