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Welcome to Kiwi's G3 Pony ID Search.

This search is designed to walk you through a series of simple questions to help identify your G3 pony.


Here are some helpful tips on successfully using the G3 Pony Identification system:

  • Search for only one pony at a time. If you have more than one pony, search for one, and then go back to the beginning and search for another one.
  • Read each question and all answers carefully before answering. You will not be able to identify your pony if you do not answer the questions accurately.
  • Study your pony carefully, especially if it is worn or older. Over time sparkles may fall off, colours may fade, or symbols may wear.
  • Since the G3 Line is still in production, recently released ponies may not be listed yet.
  • This search is designed for G3 Ponies only, and does not cover G1 or G2 ponies. Also, it does not cover fakies, customs, or any other pony that is not part of Hasbro`s My Little Pony line.
  • How to know if your pony is a G3:
    it is copyright dated 2002 or later
    it may have a magnet with the MLP Heart symbol in the bottom of one hoof (up to 2007)
    it may have a small heart on one leg, usually the same leg as the magnet (up to 2007)
    it has its cutie mark (symbol) on only one side, rather than two
    it has multi-coloured eyes (usually two colours)
    it has an additional highlight in its eye (usually a star, circle, or heart)
  • Please wait until all pictures have finished loading, as some pages are quite picture-heavy, and need longer to load.
  • If you have gone through the search carefully and still cannot find your pony, e-mail me and I will try to help you to the best of my ability. If you include a picture of your pony it will help greatly.

  Disclaimer: This is a fan site and is in no way connected to Hasbro.