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Welcome to Kiwi's Paradise! I'm Tropical Delight, and I will be your guide around here.

Please pardon our dust, or any links and such that seem out of place right now - we're still working on setting everything up and getting it organized. Thanks!

Kiwi's Paradise is the home for everything Kiwi has that is pony related!!! There's so much to see and do!

The Newspaper is our record of all the different changes and updates that happen here. Definitely a good thing to check out if you are new, or haven't been here for a while. Don't want to miss out on anything exciting!

The Celebration Castle is where all of the fun events and celebrations take place.

Kimono's Cave is where you can visit the wisest pony in the land to find out which G3 pony you have. Please note that not ever pony is listed yet, it's still a WIP (individual pictures take a long time to do).

The Wishing Well is where you can meet Kiwi and her family, as well as see all the artwork she had collected and made over the years.

The Stables is, of course, where you can see all the ponies that live with Kiwi.

The Trading Post has all of the ponies available for sale/trade, as well as Kiwi's wish list.

And last but certainly not least - the Cotton Candy Cafe is where you can meet the person behind the pony, and have a yummy snack!


  Disclaimer: This is a fan site and is in no way connected to Hasbro.